Blind Date

Event: ESTnetNG Blind Date

Location: Floor 22 Capital Tower, Greyfriars Road, Cardiff CF10 3AG

Date: 12/02/19 16:30 to 12/02/19 18:30

ESTnetNG Blind Date


Are you looking for your next software or technology graduate or student intern?

Join us for BLIND DATE - a fun and alternative networking event where you could meet your perfect match! We're looking for up to 8 employers to join at this year’s event taking place Tuesday 12 February 2019.

We're looking for employers who are looking for their perfect match! Staying true to the TV format, you are invited to join us for Blind Date. You'll take centre stage to ask questions to up to 4 students hidden behind a screen. You'll be able to gauge and select a 'match' based on the response you like best. Once selected, we'll reveal the student!  

Usually, Blind Date ends with a date. We ask participating employers to offer a 'date' which could include an automatic interview, a day/weeks insight, mentoring (this can be as little as a chat over a coffee or more), guidance on their CV/career prospects etc.

This is a great event to observe, meet a student and scope out potential talent. 

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