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Member of the Month - Leadin

LeadinLeadin are a service design and production agency based in Swansea University who help companies transform and evolve their businesses for the digital age, anything from updating existing systems – making them easier to use, to transforming paper processes into seamless digital systems.

Leadin, whose head office is in Tampere, Finland opened their office in Swansea University in early 2015 with one desk and chair and one employee. As local companies started to see the advantages of clean design and streamlined software, the business grew at a rapid pace.

Welsh Team Of Developers Visiting Leadin ’s Offices In Finland And Experiencing Winter With Some Proper Snow.(Welsh team of developers visiting Leadin’s offices in Finland and  experiencing winter with some proper snow.)


 Harri ‘Hapo’ Mansikkamäki, managing director of Leadin in the United Kingdom said,

“A contract with the DVLA in Swansea to help transform the process for drivers with medical conditions to report resulted in the company hitting five employees within the first few months of operation. Further contracts followed with businesses throughout the UK to design, and redesign systems and processes.”

Tools For Productive Digital Development

(Tools for productive digital development: a set of computers, enough coffee and some personal stuff.)

Leadin have just recruited their 17th employee in Swansea which is testament to the company’s skills and their commitment to their growing customer base. Hapo enthused:

“Our strength lies in a deep understanding of how people use digital systems. We have highly skilled professionals who design and build systems that are not only easy to use, but also look great. Our team are passionate about great design – both graphical and software design, and we have some of the best designers around!”

Recently Leadin UK has been working with one of Europe’s largest engineering companies based in southern Germany, helping them to develop their offering. This includes redesigning data intensive interfaces and writing new software. Members of the Swansea team have been frequent travellers, working with colleagues from Finland and Germany to deliver world class industrial control systems.

As the client list has grown Leadin have moved to larger offices in the University and are now planning to increase space further and employ more experts to support businesses in Wales and beyond.

Leadin Team On Top Of Pen Y Fan As Part Of Their Participation To Ty Hafan Welsh 3Peaks Challenge

(Leadin Team On Top Of Pen Y Fan As Part Of Their Participation To Ty Hafan Welsh 3Peaks Challenge)

“Coming from Finland I have noticed a passion for excellence amongst Welsh businesses and I see a great future” said Hapo “Especially as Leadin have recently merged with a larger company in Finland called Gofore which has expanded our team and our expertise. Our enlarged company has now even more experience working on world leading digital projects. My hope is that we can draw on this experience to help many companies in Wales and the UK to build world class products and services.”

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