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ESTnet Member of the Month: Building a Better Culture with Weekly10

Weekly10 LogoWhile cultivating a great company culture is important for employee engagement, happiness and retention, it also plots the blueprints for a thriving future business.

Rapidly gaining significance over the past decade, company culture has become a keystone of modern business, encouraging CEOs, HR consultants and company leaders alike to ask the questions that lead to honest evaluation, push for change and help to create and instill a shared vision throughout workforces.

Weekly10, based at the Wrexham Enterprise Hub, has capitalised on this trend, developing an AI and machine learning platform designed to improve company culture. One of the ESTnet’s latest members, we got in touch with Weekly10 Director Andrew Roberts to find out more about this exciting new platform.



“The platform itself is a ten-minute check-in, every week, by employees, which in turn allows managers and senior staff to better understand their views, achievements, challenges or frustrations. The platform encourages managers and employees to have open conversations about these topics every week by simply answering a few quick questions which are read, reviewed, and responded to by managers in just five minutes.”

“The idea is to open the organisation up, giving everyone complete visibility and recognition. Performance management not only encourages employees and managers to set specific and timely goals, but also allows employers to publish wider company objectives. Staff can then set their individual goals to align with those overall objectives.”

Weekly10 is accessible via an online platform or through the Weekly10 mobile app. The app version is designed to cater to the modern mobile workforce which sees many employees untethered from their desk and traditional nine-to-five hours. This grants employers visibility of their organisation and the state of its culture, regardless of location.

A key element of the platform is predictive analytics which, through machine learning, assesses employee engagement to create a simple scoring system across a number of areas. This can then be analysed by employers to gauge employee motivation.

“Our current focus is to secure our funding round for the machine learning and maintain the growth of our customer base, which already stretches globally throughout Asia, USA and the UK. The next stage is working with psychology postgrads to look into behavioural psychology around this area.”

Weekly10 are currently on an Accelerated Growth Programme, supported and mentored by ESTnet Regional Manager Mandy Weston.

We wish Andrew and the Weekly10 team the best of luck as they move towards the next stages of growth and look forward to providing ongoing support from all at ESTnet along the way.