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ESTnet Patents Seminar with Deloitte and EIP

The ESTnet, in partnership with affiliate members Deloitte and intellectual property specialists EIP hosted a seminar to give its members the knowledge needed to protect their R&D achievements and ensure they are the beneficiaries of their great ideas.

Speakers Rob Barker, Sarah Lord and Olivia Johansson from Deloitte, and Chris Price and Neil Condon from EIP provided a captive audience with information on what a patent is, its importance, uses, what can and can’t be patented and benefits to be had within The Patent Box.


Clint Oldridge from Microcosm Games said;

“ The seminar was a good insight into the overall processes needed for filing a patent with excellent in depth knowledge of behind the scenes approach to successfully getting a patent and best use of tax benefits.”

Tony Bagnall from Cassidian UK Ltd. said;

“ The information provided was current and informed me about a fairly complicated subject matter. I also learned about Industry Wales and cross sector activities in Wales.”


Managing Director Avril Lewis said;

“ The electronic and software technologies industry in Wales is full of companies and individuals with great ideas and the determination to match. The ESTnet wants to ensure that its members learn to protect their ideas and benefit from them. Thank you to our partners at Deloitte and EIP for delivering an informative and valuable session which I know our members appreciated.”

The Patents Seminar was organised as a direct result of member feedback. If you are an ESTnet member and have suggestions on how the ESTnet can support your company development please contact